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Comfort Keepers Home Care Specialists Of Newport Beach, CA, Offers Care Services Coordination In Your Area

Companion Care Coordination services are provided by Home Care Specialists at Comfort Keepers of Newport Beach, CA

The day-to-day coordination services offered by Comfort Keepers home care specialists of Newport Beach, CA, are designed to improve safety in your loved one’s environment. By ensuring your loved one is safe both indoors and outdoors, we can minimize the risks of falls and other injuries. Besides preventing falls and injuries, our services can boost your loved one’s confidence in performing routine activities. By combining these services with assistance with daily activities and companionship care, we can contribute to an overall higher quality of your loved one’s life.

Home Care Specialists Companion Care Coordination services include fall-proofing the yard or garden, snow removal, lawn and plant care, gardening, weeding, and home modifications, including fall-proofing the home, pet care, and house maintenance and repairs.

Some seniors face difficulties with handling new technologies. Our caregivers can offer assistance with technology such as setting up and using the TV, Internet, computer, mobile devices. We can also help with replacing or repairing appliances.

The most important aspect of this home care specialist service is fall prevention. Falls can cause serious injuries in seniors. The loss of balance, combined with the fear of falling, can have a negative impact on your loved one’s confidence and independence. It can cause them to avoid activities they previously enjoyed. 

Fortunately, most home-sustained injuries are preventable. Planning ahead and making the home a safer environment for seniors can allow your loved one to enjoy greater freedom. After assessing your loved one’s living situation, our home experts can suggest some home improvements. We can offer various technology solutions, including medical alert and home monitoring systems as well. This can provide additional security.

When fall proofing the home, our home care experts will pay special attention to fall proofing the backyard. It is important to ensure your loved one can move freely around the yard. Maximizing your loved one’s safety outdoors is just as important as optimizing their safety indoors.

With our home care specialists , seniors can continue living independently without changing their preferred lifestyle. They can receive all the help and assistance they need in their own homes without any unwanted disruptions in their routine. Besides making sure all your loved one’s needs are met, we pay special attention to their safety. This can give you and your family peace of mind that your loved one can enjoy their accustomed lifestyle in familiar surroundings. If you don’t live close to your loved one, our dedicated caregivers can provide you with regular updates on their condition and progress.

For more information, feel free to contact Comfort Keepers of Newport Beach, CA. We are here to help!

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