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Create A Customized Comfort Care Plan For Your Loved One With Assisted Living Experts In Newport Beach, CA

Comfort Care provided by Comfort Keepers assisted living experts in Newport Beach, CA

What makes Comfort Keepers comfort care unique is applying a personalized approach to senior care. This means that we develop individualized care plans for each client, allowing them to achieve full potential throughout their golden years.

We believe that seniors should actively participate in the decision-making process and be involved in the care they receive. We encourage family involvement as well. Attending consultations can enable you to share your opinion, voice concerns, and provide valuable input. When we have gathered enough information about your loved one’s health, personality, interests, and living environment, we can build a customized care plan best suited for their specific needs. As senior clients and care providers spend a considerable amount of time together, it is important to match your loved one with a compatible caregiver. With enough information about your loved one, this is easily done.

Our coordinated comfort care program includes scheduling and coordination of physician appointments, multi-care and specialist coordination and communication, family communication scheduling, customized care plan, and initial assessment and periodic reassessments of care needs.

The periodic reassessments of your loved one’s care needs is very significant, as it can enable our professional caregivers to adjust the care plan to fit your loved one’s current situation.

Comfort Keepers of Newport Beach, CA, home health aides and comfort care coordinators will create family communication scheduling, as well as physician appointment scheduling and a specialist coordination plan. We also have an online family communication center. It is available around the clock so you can check up on your loved one any time you want. By working with our care coordinators, you can rest assured knowing that your loved one is receiving the right care at the right time and from the right members of their customized care team.

When it comes to financing home care, planning ahead is important. We understand your concerns regarding the financial aspect of care, which is why we have introduced convenient monthly billing.

Maintaining their routine and independent lifestyle is of vital importance for seniors. Letting older adults make their own care decisions can enhance their sense of control. The care services we provide are designed to improve your loved one’s quality of life by helping them maintain independence, stay physically and socially active, and remain engaged in the activities they love.

If you would like to know more about our comfort care services, please feel free to contact our Comfort Keepers office in Newport Beach, CA. We are happy to help!


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