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Comfort Keepers Home Caregivers Of Newport Beach, CA, Provides Fall Risk Reduction & Balance Care

Interested in how we can prevent falls in the home? Our home caregivers offer a wide range of balance care services 

 For children, falls are very common and usually harmless. Unfortunately, for seniors, they can be highly dangerous or, in some cases, lethal. Comfort Keepers home caregivers Of Newport Beach, CA will aim to keep your loved one safe form broken bones, bruises, and fear of falling. Our Balance Care and Fall Risk Reduction services are designed to reduce potential hazards and maintain your parent’s balance.

These services include home safety fall risk assessment and fall risk reduction activities. It is very common that seniors who suffer a fall become fearful of falling again, even if that accident caused no injuries. This can lead to isolation which can cause additional health conditions. Our home caregivers can inspect your parent’s home for fall hazards and suggest adaptations. Comfort Keepers will help with coordination of home modification, such as grab bars, hand rails, bath/tub changes, and flooring updates.

With Balance Care and Fall Risk Reduction services your loved one could walk around the house, get some chores done, and feel useful and in control of their life. We also provide transferring assistance by moving your loved one in and out of bed, bath, wheelchair or car. Physical activity can strengthen their bones and muscles which improves steadiness when walking. Comfort Keepers home caregivers can assist with exercises, walks, and stretching. Proper nutrition and hydration is crucial to your loved one’s well being. Our home caregivers could ensure your loved one drinks plenty of water during the day and eats home cooked meals.

It’s natural that you are worried for your loved one’s safety when they are alone. However, with our medical alert consoles your mind will be at ease. These consoles are called Personal Emergency Response Systems or PERS. They connect to our Centralized Monitoring Station using a landline or a cellular phone. They are a simple and efficient way to call for help in an emergency. 

Helping Seniors Live Better at Home

An on-demand service for families who need occasional help caring for a senior or adult loved one, CK Life delivers trustworthy in-home companion care — at the push of a button by providing a friendly, familiar caregiver who sees you each visit and gets to know your preferences over time.

Now, with our CK Life app, you have the flexibility to request care at the push of a button.

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