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Healthy Dessert Alternatives

Aug 15, 2017 by Anonymous

There’s no better way to cure a sweet tooth than with a dessert. But as your loved ones age, their list of choices for dessert may begin to narrow down, whether it is because of weight, diabetes, or other ailments that may make it hard for seniors to enjoy sweet desserts. Fortunately, there are many healthy dessert alternatives, that can still help satisfy the sweet tooth’s craving, and provide nutritional benefits to your loved ones.

Fruit Salad

Fruits are full of fiber and vitamins that can provide seniors with healthy benefits, and they are naturally sweet. Fruit salads are easy to prepare and can satisfy your loved ones sweet tooth. Your loved ones can make a fruit salad by cutting up their favorite fruits and combining them into one bowl.

Yogurt Parfaits

Instead of ice cream, your loved ones can reach for a healthier alternative, such as yogurt. Yogurt parfaits can be made with their favorite ice cream toppings, such as peanut butter, fruit, chocolate, nuts, and much more. Yogurt has many probiotics and nutrients in it that make it a healthier option over ice cream, but still provide that ice cream sundae feel.


Seniors who enjoyed a milkshake now and then might prefer a fruit smoothie as their drinkable dessert replacement. Made with yogurt, fruit, and vegetables, seniors can get their daily value of many vitamins all within one sweet and creamy drink.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate may be a hard habit to kick, but when it comes to satisfying the sweet tooth that is constantly calling for something chocolatey, dark chocolate is a healthier alternative to milk or white chocolate. Dark chocolate has antioxidants in it which can help lower blood pressure, boost memory function, and lower the risk of heart disease. But, like many other sweets, dark chocolate should be eaten in moderation.

Let Comfort Keepers® in Newport Beach Lend a Helping Hand

At Comfort Keepers® in Newport Beach we understand you can’t be with your loved ones at all times, even when their sweet tooth needs satisfying—that’s where we come in. Our compassionate, professional, in-home caregivers, called Comfort Keepers® can assist your loved ones in making healthy dessert choices.

Our Comfort Keepers can provide your loved ones with around-the-clock care, or in-home care to ensure they are living a healthy, safe, and independent life. For more information on how our caregivers can help your loved ones eat healthier desserts, and to learn more about our other in-home care services call us at (949) 258-7695 or click here

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