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The Comfort Keepers® In Home Senior Care Collection

Making sure that you are educated on in home senior care is an important part of making a decision. Have you spoken with your senior loved one about their wishes? Are you interested in helping them maintain their independence, or do you need a little help from time to time in supplying them with ample care? Asking yourself all the right questions regarding in home senior care is a great place to start. 

However, before asking all the right questions for yourself - the most important part is to make sure you ask these questions of your senior loved one. You may think that you know their preferences, or know that they are aware that they might need additional help around the house - but how will they feel about employing an in home senior care agency? Bringing these topics up may be uncomfortable, but it's worth it. Springing care on someone who was unaware of issues in the first place (or who does not want to lose their independence) is difficult, but the earlier you start the conversation, the sooner your senior loved one will be able to benefit from care. 

After you have determined how to bring up the topic of in home senior care to your senior loved one, finding out their wishes and then acting on them is a great start to truly getting them the help they need. It's best you research different options that are available within your area - nursing homes, care agencies, independent contractors, and the like are examples of solutions you may find. Comfort Keepers is a care agency with branches all around the United States - each branch is independently owned and operated. Contact a few different in home senior care providers that might be close to what you're looking for and see if they will provide you with a free consultation to help you make a decision. 

After you have begun the search for a senior care solution, the ball is in your court. There are plenty of resources out there at your disposal, including the literature on this page. Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any additional questions or would like for one of our in home senior care experts to schedule a consultation with you and your senior loved one. 

Below you’ll find Comfort Keepers’ complete collection of brochures and other informative literature. Click below on images to download and read our brochures.



Making Every Moment of Life Matter Comfort Keepers®
provides an overview of the Comfort Keepers’ unique brand of in-home care services. information sheet describes our mission, the Interactive Caregiving™ philosophy and how Comfort Keepers® make a difference.
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SafetyChoice® by Comfort Keepers
Safe at Home
brochure introduces technology solutions that complement caregiving to support safe, independent living. product information sheets offer a detailed look at the benefits and features of in-home safety technology solutions.
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20 Questions to Ask Before Hiring
a Home Care Agency
Everyone selects in-home care for different reasons.  The keys are to recognize when to introduce care and how to select the right senior care provider.  



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